Boot Camp Helps Improve Athlete’s Performance

Boot Camps benefit athletes

fitness boot camp trainingIt seems that even athletes resort to Fitness Boot Camps nowadays to get in shape for their most important matches.

China’s Tennis star, Li Na, signed up for Boot Camp training in Beijing on the prodding of her new coach, Carlos Rodriguez, in preparation for the Australian Open. The grueling workouts paid off as the tennis star beat Polish player, Agnieszka Radwanska with a 7-5 6-3 upset on January 21, thrusting her triumphantly into the semi-finals.

Tennis is a very demanding sport. To be good at it, a player needs to train to have the speed to run after the ball, to have the flexibility to move around the court, the endurance to be able to maintain a certain level of energy and alertness throughout a game and the agility to be ahead of the opponent in the match. All these skills can be achieved through endurance training, strength training and interval training best provided in Fitness Boot Camps.

Endurance Training

Endurance Training in Boot Camps  includes running on the sand, uphill and downhill sprinting, and trail blazing. A tennis player needs to have more than enough staying power during the entire match which lasts for about 25-40 minutes for every set.

Strength Training

Some examples of Strength Training workouts that we do in Boot Camps are the Wheelbarrow which works the abs, the triceps, the shoulders and the glutes; the Tree Limb Pull Ups which strengthens the biceps, the shoulders and the upper back; and the Squats which build up the muscles of the lower body.  Strength Training improves both the agility and speed of an athlete.

Interval Training

Interval Training enhances the performance of an athlete. These short bursts of high intensity activities help in the distribution of oxygen to the muscles and converts carbohydrates into energy.  Bench Jumps, Abdominal Crunches and Leg Lunges are some examples of Interval Training exercises.

Here’s an account on how Li Na trained for the Australian Open: Beijing Boot Camp helps fire Li Na into semi-finals of Australian Open

The grueling workouts paid off and Li Na went on to win over 4-time Grand Slam titlist, Maria Sharapova at the semi-finals.

Boot Camps are not only for athletes. You, too, can have the speed, stamina, agility and flexibility that they have! But it takes your commitment and determination to live your dream of a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Dangerously Fit Boot Camp promises to take you all the way once you make your decision.

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