Fitness Routine to Improve Lung Function

Easy Ways to Improve Lung Health

Whenever you want to be healthy and fit, you most likely think of your weight, your muscles, or perhaps even your heart. But are you aware that healthy lungs are directly linked to a healthy and long life? Research shows that the health of our lungs and its overall oxygen capacity are significant aspects in determining life expectancy.

The most significant way to a healthy lung – don’t smoke!  All of us know how dangerous smoking is for our overall health, our skin, our body tissues, and particularly our lungs.  Make sure you take care of your lungs from dangers in the air that takes a bit of common sense.  Keep away from polluted air, put on a mask when exposed to any kind of fumes, and just use chemical substances in a well-ventilated area.

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Exercise is the easiest way to improve lung strength and capacity.  With regards to your regular fitness routine, make an effort to work your lungs, 2-3 times a week, at the least. You can do a high-intensity exercise like sprints, for a few minutes, and then rest for a minute.  Do it again repeatedly, ensuring to relax within the rest periods.  Swimming can also be an effective workout for building your lungs; try to check out how long you are able to hold your breath when swimming underwater and then try to increase the length of time with every session.

Cardio workouts to improve your breathing are less efficient if your diet contains foods that are loaded with fats and calories. Complement your workout program by following a diet loaded with foods that improve your body function, such as vegetables, fruit and fat-free dairy products. Eating foods having whole grains reduces your chance for overeating by causing you to feel full for a longer time while many kinds of fish such as salmon and trout are great for your heart.

A choice to include cardio workouts to your lifestyle helps not only the healthy lung function as well as your weight. The exercise causes the release of endorphins to your blood that may boost your mood. Your chance to get these certain illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and certain cancers declines when you work out; your immune system improves making you less likely to get flu. Read more from

When your endurance increases, you will see an improvement in your breathing.  You can do more, for a longer time, without experiencing tiredness or out of breath.  Work out your muscle mass, get that blood pumping, and take advantage of having strong lungs! For more fitness tips and advice, visit now!