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Personal Trainer Centennial Park Shares His Three Must Know Weight Loss Tips

There is probably no other topic discussed more in the nation today than weight loss. The steadily increasing girths of the Australian public has pushed the country into a national health crisis. Shedding extra kilos does not need to be a complicated process though,and can be achieved by following a few simple guidelines.

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Dietary habits are probably the biggest area where people go wrong when trying to lose weight. Once it is decided to shed kilos, a common knee jerk reaction is to starve oneself. Starving, in the long run, usually results in weight gain. Starving causes the body to decrease metabolism in order to conserve calories which in turn makes the ability to lose weight more difficult.

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The combination of overeating and a decreased metabolism is a recipe for additional weight gain. It should also be noted that diet changes for weight loss are not effective if they are approached as a temporary solution until the weight is shed.

Ending good dietary habits after a weight goal has been attained will result in a return to poor habits and subsequent weight gain. Dietary changes should be considered a habit change for life as well as hiring a Centennial Park personal trainer.

The body’s metabolism works better when it is fed more frequent and smaller meals. Meals split into six smaller portions during the day rather than three larger meals allows for a more stable metabolism. The urge to overeat at meals is diminished if it hasn’t been very long since the last intake of food.

In addition, complex carbohydrates are a better choice for maintaining metabolic balance than refined sugars. Refined sugars tend to give a quick burst of energy which results in a crash and a feeling of hunger. Complex carbohydrates break down more slowly sustaining metabolic stability. Healthy protein options such as nuts, rice and beans provide individuals with a more full feeling and help reduce the urge to overeat. A regular Centennial Park personal training program will boost your metabolism and help you shed even more kilos.

Hill training at our Bondi location

Hill training at our Bondi location

Physical activity should be carefully taken in consideration when an individual begins a weight loss program. A Centennial Park personal trainer is not only helpful in weight loss by increasing metabolism, but strengthens the whole body enhancing overall health.

One mistake people make when they decide to exercise is setting primary goals too high. Setting unrealistic goals in exercise can set individuals up for failure and a tendency to discard the whole program. Exercise should be entered into gradually and realistic goals should be set. It is also a wise choice to find activities that a person actually enjoys doing as exercise.

A fun sport or activity that is enjoyed by the participant will not feel like a chore, making the process of losing weight and getting healthy a pleasant experience. Some exercises are more conducive to weight loss than others.

In the past, aerobic workouts were seen as the best way to shed kilos. New research has shown that strengthening the body’s core is more effective for weight loss.

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