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Hey – Dan Clay here from DangerouslyFit.

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As you can see from the results above, this Inner West personal training program really does work!

People love DangerouslyFit Personal Training because…

221 The workouts are fun…
221 People are improving their lives, health and wellbeing…
221 You get unlimted access to over 81 Sydney fitness classes per week in 15 Sydney locations…
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My team of Inner West personal trainers are passionate about fitness… they will encourage you as you meet and exceed every one of your fitness goals!

It may be called DangerouslyFit, but our program is NOT here to ‘Beast’ you, we’re here to coach and motivate you until you get into the best shape of your life.

We help you stay focused, motivated, and excited when you exercise…and that’s one of the reasons so many of our clients are able to maintain their physiques all year round!

I know you might be skeptical, and that’s no problem. I’ve got a solution that will help you see for yourself how effective my system is.

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Dan Clay
Personal Trainer Inner West

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DangerouslyFit Inner West Personal Training locations include: Sydney Park, St Peters, Newtown, Leichhardt, HurstvilleGlebe & Pyrmont.