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Dear friend,

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your dream body?

I’m talking about looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection that you would be the MOST proud of…

Here’s the truth…

Achieving that body IS possible and it’s easier than you think…

If you have 60 seconds then I’ll explain EXACTLY what I’m talking about…

For the average person, exercising is a chore. It takes TIME and the results usually don’t last very long. This is especially true when you hire most Pyrmont personal trainers.


Because most Pyrmont personal trainers are more concerned with getting new clients rather than serving existing ones, this means you only get a fraction of the attention and service that you should.

DangerouslyFit Personal Training in Pyrmont is different—MUCH different.

That’s because at DangerouslyFit we have a marketing department that takes care of all stuff so our trainers are free to focus on you and your results!

Here’s some of the Results my DangerouslyFit members are Getting…

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The greatest feeling in the world is seeing my clients get excited when they start to transform their bodies and become healthier than they have ever been before.

boot camp pyrmontFor years people all over Sydney have been training with DangerouslyFit and getting far better results with group training than traditional 1-1 personal training… with DangerouslyFit you will …

221 Lose KILOS of excess body fat…
221 Tighten your midsection…
221 Tone your arms, legs, back and chest…
221 Burn more calories…even when you aren’t working out!

But first I must warn you…

DangerouslyFit is not for excuse makers, whingers and overal negative people – if this sounds like you please don’t apply to be part of this program.

If however you would like to get into the best shape of your life… and know that with a little dedication and persistence that you  will get there – then I’ll do everything I can to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some satisifed DangerouslyFit members…

As you can see from reading and wathcing the success stories above, this bootcamp is unlike any other Pyrmont personal training program.

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I truly hope you take advantage of this promotion…this is your chance to lose that extra weight and achieve the fitness results you’ve always wanted.

And remember… if you’re not totally satisfied with you results – check out my 30 day money back guarantee…

rest assured

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Your friend and fitness trainer,

Dan Clay
Owner and Head Personal Trainer in Pyrmont
Dangerously Fit Boot Camp

P.S. People all over Sydney are talking about the incredible muscle toning and fat-scorching workouts that we are doing at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp. Once you try our program, you’ll see why!

P.P.S. Remember… you’re totally covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.

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