7 Tips to Help You Lose Weight

How to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off is one of the biggest challenges for men and women alike.  Magazines with articles on weight loss sell like hotcakes because more and more people are  putting value on their health. But are they really effective and practical?   The following are tips that will help you achieve weight loss the right way.


1. Resist the temptation of taking on a silly crash diet.

Crash diets and fad diets do not work and will cost you your health in the long run. Instead, take on a more practical approach in calorie reduction and food intake. An average person needs about 2,200 calories in a day. If you’re trying to shed off excess weight, have a daily diet of 1,700-1,900 calories. Reducing calorie intake coupled with regular exercise will help you take off as much as 1 to 1.5 kilos in a week.

Some practical approaches to diet without risking your health are: Eating a healthy and filling breakfast to keep you untimely cravings for the rest of the day. Instead of eating 3 full meals, try eating 5 small meals consisting of vegetables, fruits and meat. Go for the grilled and refrain from eating fried food. Lay off the alcoholic and soda beverages; instead, drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices.  Snack if you must, but keep it to a small slice of cheese or a fruit, just enough to keep the hunger in check.

2. Ask a registered Nutritionist to create a diet plan for you.

The amount and quality of your food intake plays a big role in your quest for weight loss. It is best to consult an expert on the subject to obtain the best possible results. You need to put premium on your health as much as you put importance on your weight and physique.

3. Sign up for a Workout Program.

Dieting can only take you so far. It is necessary to exercise while you’re on a diet if you are really serious about losing weight. Exercising will not only burn the excess fats and calories, but will also help sculpt and tone your body and build your muscles.

The most effective workout program for weight loss is the Dangerously Fit Boot Camp, a Group Personal Training where you will be under the supervision of learned and experienced Fitness Trainers. You don’t have to second guess yourself on whether you are going about it the right way; DangerouslyFit Fitness Trainers will be able to properly assess your fitness capability and will know exactly what types of workout are applicable and effective for you to achieve your desired weight.

4. Be accountable to someone who supports your goal.

Weight loss is a feat much easily achieved if someone is there supporting you and helping you accomplish it. One of the advantages of signing up for Dangerous Fit is that the Trainers care that you get the best results out of the program. Dangerously Fit provides an online access for all our members so they can get in touch with their group Trainers and our Nutritionist regarding their questions and concerns regarding their training. We will give our best to keep you going and will be excited with you for every fitness goal that you attain. We are there for you 100%!

Another thing is that since it’s a group workout program, you will be with people who share the same weight loss aspirations. When you join Dangerous Fit Boot Camp, it is easier to get re-motivated and re-encouraged and you will have the privilege of being the same source of inspiration for others.

5. Educate yourself.

Don’t be content with just going through the process, be active and work with your Trainer in achieving your desired weight loss. There are tons of literature and videos on weight loss and fitness available for you online and in your local book stores. Verify and discuss the information you gather with your Trainers and Nutritionist. They are, after all, the experts. Their input in your regimen is very valuable. The more you know, the wiser your choices are in your pursuit of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

6. Adapt a disciplined and healthy lifestyle.

If you want to keep the weight off, then you need to embrace the discipline. Take in everything that you will learn from your workout and dietary programs and keep at it. It may seem like a struggle at the beginning but eventually, you will be able to adapt to it. The Dangerously Fit Boot Camp program provides you with the consistency of training that you need to be able to take on new habits and unlearn the ones that are detrimental to you.

7. Mark every weight goal to be do-able and achievable.

Be reasonable when you set your weight loss goals. Present your physical records to your Trainer and Nutritionist; discuss with them what would be the best approach for you to successfully drop the weight, lose the bulk and the jellies and achieve the best physical condition. Do not compare your progress with others. Be kind to yourself, focus on your what you’re aiming for and take it a day at a time.

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